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How I connected with my full potential:

I know in my heart that coaching has always been my true calling. Early in my childhood, my natural perceptiveness, empathy and caring traits were noted by my family, friends and teachers. In college, my curiosity regarding human thoughts, feelings and actions inspired me to major in Psychology with a minor in Human Services. And, as I spent 15+ years in professional leadership roles working to develop and execute plans, I found my job always seemed to center around helping diverse teams and people to work together towards a common goal, while also finding ways to generate their own unique success. It wasn't until I took stock of my own plan that I began taking steps towards my goal to help more people explore their deeper purpose and connect to their fullest potential. In doing so, I decided to pursue professional education and training to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).

Now, I specialize in helping people find their path through life's transitions, as well as to manage their overall well-being. I'm also certified as an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner, which means I can help you raise your awareness regarding the filter through which you view your world and to more consciously choose how you respond in any given situation. (i.e., figure out what's getting in your way and create your path forward).

You see, it's easy to tell ourselves that what we truly desire CAN'T be our reality and that if we try to pursue it, it will be a struggle to bring it to fruition. But I've seen and am the product of knowing what CAN happen when you connect with your full potential and make it your reality.

How ALR can help you to connect with your full potential:

The first thing to know is that there is NOT only one "linear" path that leads to your success; nor is it a reality to believe that reaching it has to be quick and easy. You CAN reset your life to be everything you want it to be! But the first thing we'll help you to do is get out of your own way - your inner critic and self-doubt that is. After that, we'll help you to connect with your wisdom, courage and calm, so you can begin to bravely and boldly live the life YOU wish to create!

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